About Krishak Bandhu

Govt. of West Bengal - Department of Agriculture, has introduced an unique Assured financial Assistance to all Farmers and farm household families of West Bengal under a single scheme, “Krishak Bandhu”. Recently the scheme has been recast and launched on 17th June 2021 as "Krishak Bandhu (Notun)" scheme.

Direct benefit includes:

Direct benefit under the scheme includes financial assistance for cultivation purpose upto a maximum of 10,000 /- per annum and a minimum of 4,000/- per annum receivable in Kharif and Rabi season of each year. Farmers with 1 or more Acre of cultivable land are entitled for 10,000/- per annum. Farmers with cultivable land holding of less than 1 Acre will get assistance on pro-rata basis subject to a minimum of 4,000/- assistance with minimum 2000/- per annum assistance pro rata basis.

Under "Krishak Bandhu Death Benefit" Scheme in case of death of a farmer between the age of 18 to 60 years, the farm family will be eligible for a one time lump sum grant of Rs. 2 lakh to ensure social security.

Farmers registered in "Krishak Bandhu" scheme get preference in the State Government's paddy procurement scheme. The Government is planning to extend the facilitation to other schemes as well.

For registration under the scheme, farmers may contact the Assistant Director of Agriculture's office of his/her block.

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